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Pilgrim Homes

Care homes for older Christians.

This charity is an unincorporated charitable trust. Registered Charity number: 242266. It was set up by young Christians in 1807. The terms of its founding require residents to be Protestant Christians.

Pilgrim Havens

Christian Care homes for everyone.

This charity is registered in the UK as a company limited by guarantee (number 03027071) and a registered charity number 1045920. It was set up in order to extend the high quality of Christian care offered by PFS to people of all faiths and none.

Pilgrims’ Friend Society is a Christian charity committed to:

  • Supporting older people through the provision of care in our homes
  • Providing support and housing for independent living and
  • Serving as an advocate from a Christian perspective on issues affecting older people.

The Society was established in 1807 (then known as the Aged Pilgrim’s Friend Society) by a group of Christians who were concerned about “the aged and infirm Christian poor”. The Society has developed from these early days and now reaches out to Christian and non-Christian older people.

Our history is immensely significant and we respect it by remaining committed to the guiding Christian principles of our predecessors that provided the foundation for our charitable work. We want these principles to be at the heart of every trustee’s and employee’s attitude to their work for the Society.

The purpose of this Statement of Christian Ethos is to clarify for our beneficiaries, supporters and staff the importance we assign to the Christian motivation that underpins the Society, the values that should characterise it and the practical consequences of both. The statement also provides a reference point for those responsible for producing and implementing the Society’s policies and procedures.