Emmaus House, Harrogate, is one of our leading homes in the PFS group. They have been offering the best of care for generations of older people needing support. Now we want to ensure that all residents are able to maintain access to all parts of the home, in a comfortable and modern lift.

What the Manager says about the current lift:

The current slow, archaic lift is in constant use to transport our residents throughout the building and it suffers from regular breakdowns, needing frequent part replacements. A new modern lift with automatic doors would vastly improve the situation and improve our ability to care for our residents.

A dependable, fully functioning and easy to use lift is essential for the Home.

This project has been created in order to ensure that none of our residents have to worry that the current unreliable alternative is broken down again. Being able to access the lounge, dining room and their visiting friends and family in a reliable modern lift is so important to their well-being.

Your gift will enhance the access to all floors in the home, so crucial to people who need to know that they can get around with ease.

This is what one of our residents have to say:

‘I do love it here, but the current lift is a bit of a struggle’  

Thank you for giving this project your prayerful consideration.

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