Speakers include Dr Jennifer Bute, Janet Jacob, Louise Morse.

Outline Programme:

9.50        Welcome, housekeeping, prayer & introduction 

10.00     (Dr Bute’s experience with her church;  how the church Is dementia inclusive … 10 years after her dementia diagnosis)

10.40     Break/ refreshments

11.00     Dementia-Friendly church, practical and spiritual aspects, Janet Jacob

   -  coming alongside family caregivers 

   -  a team with a leader or two

   -  Including people with dementia, recommendations

   -  the church building – practical things

   -  Bringing to church; the buddy system


11.45     Break for lunch

12.20     The importance of spiritual support and visiting people with Dementia, Louise Morse

  -  Treasures in clay pots

  -  Our pilgrimage here

  -  Preparing for Glory - 2 Corinthians 5


1.00      Close with prayer