The Scriptures show a wisdom-based culture, one where older people contribute from their experience and learning. This conference looks at bringing God’s design into today’s society, connecting people across all generations in our churches and communities.

Why restoring the Biblical view of old age is vital today

Stephen Hammersley looks at the Scriptural view of old age and how restoring this in today’s culture will benefit people of all ages.

Church pastoral care

Janet Jacob and her husband Peter are involved in pastoral care for older people at church, and talk about what works in building links with younger Christians.

Living God’s purpose in senior years

Louise Morse looks at the importance of recognising the different cultures of older people, and how they can be enabled and empowered to fulfil the role God intended for them.

About our Speakers:

Stephen Hammersley  is the Chief Executive of Pilgrims' Friend Society (PFS , but is also involved in work with older people through his Church and as a PFS Volunteer.  Stephen is passionate about the potential for churches to model how to value older people and to reach out and meet the spiritual and other needs of older people in the community.  Prior to PFS, Stephen was a Director of Tearfund and was involved in leading a number of secular community development initiatives.

Janet Jacob is a former psychogeriatric nurse and care home manager, with extensive experience from a career dedicated to older people. She trains and speaks on all aspects of dementia.

Louise Morse is a cognitive behavioural therapist and speaker, writer and author of several books on old age, including dementia. She works in media and external relations with the Pilgrims’ Friend Society.  Her latest book, ‘What’s Age Got To Do With It?’ is changing attitudes amongst many.

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