"When Evangelicals Care" is not just a history of the Society - it is a looking back and reflection of God's grace through the ages.

The story of the Pilgrim’s Friend Society will be of interest not only to all who support the charity, but also to those who want to understand the role played by evangelical Christians in alleviating much of the suffering in nineteenth century London. Beyond this, it may also be helpful to other organisations that, like the Pilgrim’s Friend Society, want to remain unswervingly true to their central purpose and the Christian gospel and yet need to change the way that they work for it to be effective in a rapidly changing world.

 The story that Brian Edwards tells is of a group of young Christians who took Scripture seriously and dared to love and care for those neglected by others – the ‘aged Pilgrims’ whose condition was desperate even by the standards of the day. They did so despite, initially, little support and even direct opposition from many in the established churches.

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