#1-19 Finishing Well | Prof. John Wyatt

Keynote bible talk by Professor John Wyatt, Emeritus Professor of Ethics at University College London and author of best selling book "Matters of Life and Death". Read more

#2-19 Still Standing Strong | Dr Jennifer Bute

Keynote talk by Dr Jennifer Bute, retired GP & Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and author of "Dementia from the Inside". Read more

#3-19 Pilgrims' Friend Society - Who and Why | Stephen Hammersley

Brief background to the Pilgrims' Friend Society - who we are and why we exist, by chief Executive, Stephen Hammersley. Read more


The Annual Meeting of Pilgrims' Friend Society open to supporters and anyone interested in the work of the Society. Read more

#6-19 Enabling Seniors to Know and Love God | Revd. Roger Hitchings

Roger gives a Biblical view of what it means to grow in the knowledge of the Lord - knowing the Lord, and enjoying Him and His goodness, even in difficulties and sorrows. Read more