Florence House in Peterborough is a lovely home that has provided the best care to generations of residents. The lift that they depend on is now at an age that makes reliable and easy movement between floors ever less likely.  But it is such an essential part of daily life for all residents.

Can a lift really mean so much to residents?  Yes, it can! Retaining their independence, enjoying movement without having to be accompanied by staff and knowing that the mechanism for the lift is reliable is essential.  It's about confidence and peace of mind for people who find that the use of stairs is not possible.

The manager supports this when she says:

A lift upgrade would mean a lot for Florence House as it will provide improved aesthetics, better performance, fewer breakdowns and increased accessibility. Above all, it will secure the health and safety of everyone using the lift.

This project has been created in order to ensure that elderly residents can access all areas of the home in a way that we would want for our residents.  Your gift will ensure that mobile residents can move through the home safely and with ease, thereby promoting independence and well being.

One of our residents shared this experience:

A few weeks ago, after dinner it wasn't working.  It didn't take long though but it means we would have to wait for someone to fix it or else thee staff would have to "piggy-back" me in the stairs to my room.

Thank you for giving this project your prayerful consideration.

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