It is now 25 years since we built our last new care home.  There is now so much more we can do to support older frailer people and their families spiritually, and personally in facilities that are designed specifically for these purposes. 

We need to invest in our homes and to fail to do so will mean that they become less attractive to potential residents, less full, and a financial drain leading to inevitable closure.  That is why we are prayerfully planning to invest.  

The first of these new homes will, God willing, be in Chippenham.  We have prayed with local supporters and an offer for a site has been accepted.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet our goals for caring for elderly saints in the years to come.

We will be launching a formal appeal in due course,  but we need your prayers and would welcome your donations to our new home in Chippenham now.  As things stand, we will need to borrow money to cover the land purchase and building costs totalling £7m.  But in the past the Lord has provided the funds through our supporters so that we have been able to open new facilities debt free – every £ helps.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless, 

Stephen Hammersley, 

Chief Executive