A wonderful group resource that enables discussion and fellowship around life events interesting topics and the Christian faith.

Cognitive, social and spiritual stimulation are highly effective for older people, and are even said to help prevent dementia.

Recent research states:  ‘Not all group activities are equal. Research has found that groups based on mutual interest are more effective in reducing loneliness than groups where the primary offer is social contact.’ The B&SB sessions are more effective for combating loneliness than individual interventions

The important thing is that an individual feels a part of the group: research shows that the more an individual identifies with the group, the stronger their sense of belonging and membership, and the more likely they are to experience significant physical and mental benefits as a result of that membership.’

The Brain & Soul Boosting Sessions for Seniors have proved very successful in trials in a range of settings.  They are particularly popular in churches.  Group leaders Sally and Jo in Northampton say, We would thoroughly recommend BSBS and encourage other churches to set up a group and be a blessing- and be blessed!

Brain and Soul Boosting workbooks are available to buy from our shop.