What is Christian care?

At Pilgrims’ Friend Society we want to give older Christians and those sympathetic to the Christian faith ongoing opportunities to grow in their spiritual life. Christian care is not only excellent physical care, but also making sure that our residents are able to continue their journey in faith while in our homes and housing schemes.

We are passionate about providing our residents with spiritual support, whether that’s through devotions with staff and other residents, help to get out to church, or simply a quiet bedside prayer with another member of the community.

Our homes and housing schemes have connections with local churches which many of our residents attend. We have visiting speakers who lead regular devotional times, reading the Bible together with residents, sharing a song and praying together. Many local churches also provide practical support, whether through fundraising events or financial giving, or through volunteering and visiting.

All our senior staff practise the Christian faith. Sharing this common understanding of our Father God with our residents is a wonderful opportunity for staff to minister to our residents, and can be especially important during end-of-life care.