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Resources for Download

Christmas Loneliness Resource -  "Starting and Sustaining Conversations"

According to Church Urban Fund 87% of churches are reaching out in some way to lonely and isolated people.  Christmas is a wonderful time for this ministry as it’s a time when perceived loneliness can be at its peak.

Our greatest need at Christmas is to “Love the Lord your God” and to know his love in return. Starting a conversation and sustaining conversations with older people this  Christmas is not only a start to addressing loneliness, it is also an important step in declaring our love for lonely older people in our communities.

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"Friendship & Loneliness"

A resource for churches and Christians trying to reach out to lonely older people in your communities, including biblical applications, useful references and helpful statistics.

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"God's Purpose for His Seniors"

When we release the unique qualities older people acquired over a life time, we are honouring God’s purpose for them and enriching our church life.  Everyone benefits – young and old!

Here are 10 tips for achieving this.

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"Serving one another in Love"

A Church checklist for people living with dementia - for those being cared for at home, in care homes or those living with dementia and still in our churches.

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