We've partnered with Northwood Missionary Auctions for a number of years. In just over ten years, items given for auction in aid of Pilgrims Friend (Pilgrim Homes) rasied over £100,000. It has helped us care for older brothers and sisters in Christ in a uniquely Christian way that meets their spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

The auctions are run by a group of chritstian volunteers from several denominations, including a professional auctioneer. This means that expenses are very low and are covered by the proceeds of bric-a-brac sales, donations, and the sale of catalogues and refreshments on the mornings of the auction days.

You can send in valuable items to Northwood Missionary Auctions for them to auction and send the gift to Pilgrims' Friend Society.

For more information, please visit Northwood Missionary Auctions:

Web: nmauctions.org.uk

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01923 836634