We have over 200 years of ‘hands on’ experience of supporting older people, and we share our knowledge and experience with faith groups and churches.  Our aim is to enable churches to engage and enable their older members, and to help the frailer and lonely in the community.

We now have the largest generation of older people in history, and this change is reflected in our churches. It is both an opportunity and a challenge.

It’s an opportunity because older people have experience and wisdom honed over their lifetimes, that can benefit those in the community and the church, particularly those younger.  The Bible shows that God designed old age to be a time of sharing, of witnessing to His goodness, and mentoring the younger. And as a rule, seniors also have more time to give.   At the same time there are more older people in the community who are lonely, and who need help. 

The challenge is to recognise their role, and enable our seniors to fulfill it.  As Age UK reports, millions of older people have absorbed negative, ageist myths. 

A big concern in old age is dementia, which impacts not just on the person who develops it but their friends, families and churches.  

Here are just some of the ways we enable churches:

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