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Dementia: latest research and points of hope in treatment and prevention

Join Louise Morse and Roger Hitchins as they give an update on dementia research, and look at ways of supporting those living with dementia.

Tuesday 15th February



During the past 30 years there have been advances in tackling most diseases, including heart and cardiovascular, and cancer. But nothing has been found to cure or hold back dementia. Now there’s news of an observational study where dementia was reversed in an 80-year-old, and of a new drug that removes protein plaques on the brain. Louise Morse has been following dementia research for 20 years and unpacks the latest, including the best findings that show how to prevent it.

In her latest book, former NHS Manager, Wendy Mitchell challenges the language that’s used when talking about dementia. How can we help change the catastrophizing narrative? Also, there’s increasing interest among doctors on how psycho-social interventions can help. What does that mean, exactly?

Revd Roger Hitchings looks at the importance of spiritual support for both people with dementia and their caregivers, and how it can be delivered naturally and effectively.

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Louise Morse has written several resources to guide and support those navigating issues relating to older age and dementia.

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