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Christmas Appeal

Christmas Appeal

Making Christmas Meaningful for People Living with Dementia

Join Louise Morse as she explores making Christmas extra special for those living with dementia.

Tuesday 14th December



Christmas is a special time for all of us, but it’s especially meaningful for people living with dementia. Although short-term memory is unreliable, memories of past Christmases, and all it means to will be retained in their long term memory. Christmas practices and celebrations are ingrained so strongly they are almost reminiscence therapy. Being included in family gatherings and candle lit church services builds contentment and can even prompt ‘rementing’; when he or she appears briefly through the fog with faculties that had thought to be lost.

In our Zoom meeting on December 14th we examine ways of making this Christmas special for people living with dementia. We look at our Christmas edition of ‘Brain & Soul Boosting for Seniors’, and two other new products that both families and their loved ones with dementia will enjoy.

You can also share about your Christmases, and your strongest memories. It is a participative meeting, so bring your questions!

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Louise Morse has written several resources to guide and support those navigating issues relating to older age and dementia.

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