PFS annual Meeting & Conference 2019

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PFS Annual Meeting

This meeting is an opportunity for supports to hear from PFS’s Chief Executive and Chairman what the Lord has been doing for the Society over the past year, and plans for the years ahead. All welcome.

Seminar 1 - Brain & Soul Boosting for Seniors (Janet Jacob)

The BSBS programme was designed to provide cognitive and spiritual stimulation for older people. It consists of themed sessions that are engaging and fun. They are being run in churches, care homes, day centres and even in people’s own homes.

In this session Janet Jacob, who was involved in the development of BSBS, will introduce and lead a practical demonstration of the programme. Sally Trigg and Jo Dunne share the results of running the programme in their local church (Stapleford Baptist) and gives a demonstration of how it works.

Seminar 2 - The Glue that holds Society together (Debs Fidler)

Gods heart for his family to live in loving intergenerational communities is echoed throughout the Scriptures. With a national loneliness epidemic and families increasingly disbanded and dismantled, the UK Church has a unique opportunity to be a beacon of hope and home to the many who are seeking a place to belong.

Using practical examples, this session explores how a recovery of the biblical role and value of older people in the local church is essential to the family model and community transformation.

Seminar 3 - Five Passions at 40 that fuels a great old age (Louise Morse)

Our aim for old age is to be contented and fulfilled, but as Paul learnt, it doesn’t happen by itself. This session examines the secrets of ‘super-agers’, and their Scriptural basis.

Seminar 4 - Enabling Seniors to know and enjoy God in later life (Rev Roger Hitchings)

It is every true believers’ privilege to grow in the knowledge of the Lord. It is the very essence of what it means to be a Christian. And knowing the Lord means enjoying Him and His goodness even in difficulties and sorrows. But in later life the experiences of varied losses, declining capacities, cultural and social influences and pressures, all make that growth in knowledge and enjoyment of Christ more difficult, and some older believers find their spiritual experiences become almost non-existent. How can these blessings be attained and the hindrances overcome?

Seminar 5 - Being Human in a world of intelligent machines (Prof. Wyatt)

Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the nature of our world, our society and the way we interact as humans. How will this change our understanding of what it means to be human? What role can companion robots and artificial intelligence play in healthcare, in the care of people with disabilities, and those affected by mental impairment? What are the opportunities and risks that advancing technology brings and how can we prepare as Christian believers for the technological future that is round the corner?

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