The decision to move is usually hard to make. Change is ever present and moving to a place that is designed to support fulfilled living is usually only an alternative to making significant lifestyle changes at home. In this section we describe in brief the schemes that we provide that support independent living and residential care and we explore some of the issues that might make a move the best way of navigating changing circumstances. 

Independent Living

The diverse lifestyles of all the older people we support are reflected in the range of tailored care we are able to provide. We recognise sometimes people need extra help to live a full life as they get older, but that being independent is important too.

We have a range of lndependent Living options available to rent or buy in the form of apartments, flats or bungalows. Optional well-being packages can be purchased to help with daily chores. 

Find out more about our retirement housing.

Residential Care

There may come a time when living well independently becomes a worry or when the challenges of caring become unmanageable for a spouse or other family member. If this is the case, moving to somewhere specifically designed to provide support can be a positive step in helping the person who needs care, and also for a carer who can now concentrate on loving and caring in different ways. 

All our residential care homes have a caring Christian family atmosphere and are staffed 24 hours a day with suitably qualified and trained care staff. All personal care needs, including administration of medications and Dementia Care, can be met. The District Nurses support our Care Staff as and when needed. Find out more about the support available in our residential care schemes.

Talk early

Everyone can struggle to find the right moment to discuss future options for living, but doing so before the status quo becomes unsustainable is usually worthwhile, ensuring all parties feel confident their wishes will be properly considered if or when a move does becomes necessary.

Be alert to changes

Changes in behaviour, relationships and routine can be signs that you or your family may need to start thinking about whether your current home is the most suitable place for you to live.  Many people move to live us because they need or want:

  • help to get around
  • regular medical support
  • friendship and community
  • a more manageable home
  • security and/or peace of mind
  • a guaranteed friendly face every day

We provide an environment where every older person can thrive as God intended, safe in the compassionate care of our dedicated staff. 

“From the moment I came here I have felt AT HOME

Christian perspectives on moving

The Bible calls us to bear one another's burdens (Galatians 6:2), to honour our fathers and mothers, and to take care of family members (1 Timothy 5:4). The Bible doesn't prescribe how these commands are to be outworked.

We see our role as being able to do help families fulfil these scriptural commands. We can do the caring work that is too physically demanding for carers to do safely and we can take away the pressure that comes from having to be alert and on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

Freed of these responsibilities family members can dedicate themselves to other loving and honouring aspects of care that they are uniquely equipped to do like praying, meaningful visiting and celebrating the past and future.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, gave his own mother Mary into the care of another Christian - His disciple John.

What next?

You may not know exactly what it is you’re looking for, but that’s fine. We have a number of options in different areas where older people can thrive in the loving Christian atmosphere of our homes and schemes.

Contact the home of your choice to find out more and discuss your needs. Our friendly and helpful staff would be delighted to talk you through the options available at their home.