Welcome to Middlefields House

Welcome to Middlefields House, a brand-new state of the art residential care home opening in 2021 that will provide high quality, personalised care for 48 residents aged 65 and over, including those with dementia.

The new home will be made up of four households of 12 residents with communal spaces and beautiful gardens to help ensure that residents are able to live fulfilled life in their later years.

Find out more about Middlefields House, how you can pray for the project or how you can give towards the new building.

Middlefields House is just the beginning of the Pilgrims' Friend Society Renewal Programme which will see six new care homes built over the next 10 years.

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Thursday 2 June 2020

Progress on our new residential care home in Chippenham has continued to be good despite restrictions due to coronavirus.

Although some suppliers have had to shut factories and place staff on furlough, work on building Middlefields House has been able to continue with the main contractor, Midas Construction, still working as normally as circumstances allow.

Some of the work planned for May was delayed by a week or two but given the Government’s drive to get manufacturing and construction sites back to work, it is now hoped that the overall programme will not be delayed by more than a few weeks. This however is dependent on how quickly the suppliers of materials can get back to normal and meet demand.

An aerial view of the site, taken two weeks ago