A picture says more than a thousand words, the saying goes. We could write thousands of words about how well we care for people with dementia, but you can hear it encapsulated by Ray, a church elder and loving husband, whose wife developed dementia and was cared for in one of our homes.

Ray’s wife developed dementia and was cared for in Framland, our home in Wantage. At the time he told us, ‘I have peace of mind that Gwenda is being looked after in a loving, caring environment for the rest of her days. In 11 months I’ve seen everything that’s going on in this home and I really appreciate everything they’re doing for her. I visit Gwenda each day and I really appreciate everything they’re doing for her. Staff here give such loving, Christian care.’  You can hear Ray tell his story here.

We know that our care is first class, but we want to make it even better for all our residents both with, and without dementia. We have a vision where being in our homes is like being in a family. It’s a vision inspired by the biblical picture of Christian community, where each member of the body is valued and acknowledged as vital. We do our best to achieve this already, but the vision calls for big changes to our way of working and modifications to our premises. And, of course, better care for people with dementia will also mean better care for people without dementia. Our homes cater for a wider range of people and simply being able to offer a service that allows all residents to live well in our homes is the prize.

We are introducing improved dementia care across all of our homes.  We started in 2016 and will finish the training and property work in all of our homes in 2018. Although our residents pay for the costs of their care we are funding these changes through the generosity of our supporters.

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