Our services are simply the practical expression of our faith. We provide places for people who want to make their home towards the end of their life in a community where the care is excellent and collective Christian worship, prayer and support is a core part of daily life.

We build what we do around our Christian faith and what you, your friends and family want from your new home.

We will talk with you at length before you move in to make sure that we are the right people with whom to make your home. We will listen to what you share with us about your past, present and future hopes, and we will agree a personalised care plan with you.

You will be able to choose to attend a daily time of collective worship and we will make available to you approved volunteers from local  churches who visit to provide fellowship, prayer and Bible readings. We will encourage you and you family to advance plan for your future care, including at the end of this life, and our staff are trained and committed to supporting your wishes practically and spiritually.

We will do our utmost to sustain and encourage contact with wider family, friends and churches. 

We welcome visitors and we will do our best to provide private family areas and technology that aids communication. With your permission, we will share information with your family about how you are doing. We maintain strong links with local churches and we encourage visits from church ministers and others in the community. We will help you contribute to the life of your church through prayer and information even when it is no longer possible to attend services.

We enable fruitful living through a range of life-enriching activities.

We will provide a home filled with friends and trusted kind staff who will help you achieve your goals. We will respect the wishes of those who want privacy, rest and quiet, but we also provide the opportunity for your days to be filled with enriching activities that nurture your mind, body, spirit and soul. We will provide nutritious and tasty food available, whenever possible, when you want to eat.

We value the people who work in our homes, choosing them carefully and investing in them.

We will provide you with dedicated, kind, compassionate, caring staff who are trained in helping you live with the good and bad days that go hand-in-hand with increasing dependency. Our staff teams will be led by committed Christians who understand the importance of Christian care.

We make specialist provision for people living with dementia.

Every home will have staff and volunteers with a specialised understanding of people who are living with dementia. We will have at least one dedicated area for residents who are living with dementia that will be safe, reassuring and relaxing, This will be a place where  people are free to take part in the activities of daily life and where family members will feel comfortable.

We will provide visitors and family members with information and support that helps sustain and strengthen relationships through the challenges that a diagnosis of dementia can bring. We will share our experience and our insights with you and your family, particularly our confidence that the person, loved by God, is still present with their future guaranteed by the deposit of God’s Holy Spirit.

We will keep you safe and well.

Our culture of safety means that our buildings have call systems throughout; access systems that securely monitor comings and goings; public areas with rest stops and conversation areas; and rails where needed. Our rooms will be of a good size, with ensuite facilities wherever possible and our public areas will be homely and well decorated. We always look to improve and each of our homes is visited regularly to make sure that standards are maintained.

We are open, honest and transparent with you, your family and friends.

On occasions things may go wrong, and we may fall short in delivering aspects of our promise. When this happens we will tell you, we will apologise and we will remedy what went wrong.