Fulfilled living in later life

Dementia tactile rug - washing day

These items have been designed and made by Janet Jacob, former psychogeriatric nurse and care home manager. They are colourful and tactile, and can give sensory stimulation as well as prompting happy memories.

They give the best effect when they are matched, as far as possible, to the former interests of the person with dementia. For example, the washing day rug could appeal to a grandmother who would hang washing on the line; the garden rug to a gardener, and the travel bag to someone who was used to travelling. The possibilities are endless.

The items are available for purchase here. Alternatively, if you would like to have a bespoke design, please get in touch with us via info@pilgrimsfriend.org.uk

Janet is happy for you to copy the pattern for this rug and make your own. If you do so, please consider making a small donation to work via our Give page.

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Dementia tactile rug - washing day