Fulfilled living in later life

Worshipping Together

These are devotions with a difference. Instead of listening passively, seniors are invited to share their thoughts and experiences (within the time available). From the outset, everyone is encouraged to be responsive and engaged. This not only stimulates interests but tells participants that their thoughts matter.

These reflections and prayers have been written with elderly residents in housing or care in mind, but they would work equally well with older people in small fellowship groups or even one-to-one with family in their own homes.

These have been chosen to chime with the mindsets of those who are ‘up in years’. For example, thoughts on the closeness and reality of heaven mean more to people in their eighties than to those in their teens, or even thirties.

Thoughts of an imminent Heaven can lead to introspection and regrets for things done, or not done, in the past. Elderly Christians love to hear the ‘old, old story’ of salvation, but physical frailty can lead to mental fragility so they may need reassurances of their personal acceptance through the Cross of Christ.

Worshipping Together