Dementia: Pathways to Hope


Author Louise Morse offers practical help and sound spiritual and psychological insights to carers of those living with dementia.

From hundreds of interviews and hands-on experience Louise Morse offers counsel on what dementia is, and is not; how to make your home a safe place; how to understand and handle challenging behaviour; slowing the onset of dementia; how churches can help; when specialist care is needed; and illuminating stories of what has helped others

This is a practical and well researched book on what is fast becoming one of the most challenging areas in society today.


What people say about this book:

'Clearly demonstrates that there is hope, both for the person with dementia, and their caregiver.'  - Rosie Barker, RN DN, former care home manager

'A treasure trove of information and ideas.'  - Deryn ven der Tang, carer