Dementia: Frank And Linda's Story

Dementia: Frank And Linda's Story - Louise Morse

Written with a clear Christian perspective, this book provides a new understanding of dementia, as well as suggesting new approaches. Best of all, it gives us new hope. Helpfully, it also offers practical, day-to-day advice from a hands-on perspective, using a narrative structure. It follows the story of an older couple, Linda and Frank.

Frank develops dementia. The story covers the first, early signs and the development of the disease, the couple's struggle to manage and find help, the wife's failing health and the search for a suitable care home, and life after Frank goes to live in the home. Additionally, an index at the back of the book allows readers to look up help on specific topics.


What people say about this book:

"This is the best book to read about dementia. It includes research and has helpful pointers all within a Christian narrative."

Dr Jennifer Bute, a former GP living with dementia

"Firmly rooted in the sanctity of ‘God’s image’, replete with practical advice and useful links, this is a resource for individual caregivers, health professionals, church families, and all thinking Christians. Clearly, practically and movingly, the day-to-day and sequential issues (and possibilities) for relationship, caregiving, communication, ‘personhood’, identity and support are all explored, alongside a contemporary intuitive approach."

- Dr Cameron Swift, Consultant Physician, Professor of elderly healthcare

"Frank and Linda's story will give and support and encouragement for those caring for loved ones living 'in a land of shadows'."

- Rt Revd James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool

"Every GP should read this book!"

 - Dr Judy A. McLaren, Family Doctor

"Good care is something that comes from the heart, not the system. This sets the theme of this remarkable book that challenges everyone across the caring spectrum."

 - The Revd Chris Wood, Hospital Chaplain and Manager, Bridge Christian Counselling Centre