Whats Age Got To Do With It

From the Author:

When He created the universe, God set in motion times and seasons and the ageing process.  Old age was part of His plan from the beginning - that people should ripen to maturity, developing wisdom through a life time of experience and relationship with Him, eventually enriching others with the attributes that have been honed over their lifetimes.     But instead of contributing as God intended, many see themselves as ‘useless’ and afraid of being a burden.  Ageism has destroyed their self image and expectations, and they withdraw – and we are all the losers.

There are accounts of many people living full, purpose driven lives well into their 90s and even 100s. 

 For example, you’ll meet the lay preacher who wrote a book at 100 years of age because he couldn’t stand long enough to preach as he used to, and the 95 year old who organised more Christian support for his care home.  And many ordinary people who refused to be diminished by ageism – and who are making a difference to the lives of those around them.

Ageism is a set of beliefs that we absorb all our lives, that affect us powerfully but subconsciously.   Most of us are of it, even though it

 holds us back.  What’s Age Got To Do With It?  shows how to take the reins off and live the way God intended from the beginning.

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