John was born in Chippenham and studied Economics and Accounting at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Graduating in 1983 he trained as a Chartered Accountant with what is now the medium sized West End firm, Alliotts.

Marrying Margaret in 1986, John returned to Wiltshire and worked in accountancy for 18 years. Needing a career-break he briefly worked as a driving instructor, before accountancy clients still wishing for his services persuaded him to start his own company and he continues to serve small business clients and have an increasing interest in charity accounts.

In addition to an inevitable interest in the Society’s accounts, John has a broad overview of the society’s care home operations through the involvement of his family. His mother, Betty, was a member of the Bath and District Auxiliary when funds were being raised for the Bristol and Chippenham homes, became a care worker when the Chippenham home opened in 1974, was a home visitor when she retired and then was a resident, first of the flats and then, as her needs increased of the care home, working her way through self-funding, local authority funding and continuing health care provision. John’s sister is credited with spotting Framland as a suitable property for the Wantage home when it came on the market in the 1980’s and worked there as a member of the senior team. 

John and Margaret serve in their local Baptist Church, where John is a deacon and Margaret the treasurer. They have two grown up daughters.