Celebrating the contribution of Older People in our Communities

Join us for a week of prayer for older people, and particularly older Christians, as we give thanks to God for their lives and the contributions that they make to our communities. 

Mindful that many older people are isolated and lonely in our communities, there are two events happening over the Week of Prayer that provide opportunities to bring people together and to reach out to those in our neighbourhoods that are isolated or lonely.

  • 3 June  -  The Big Lunch.   This is a national event held annually to celebrate communities with street parties and picnics. It aims to create connections that last long after The Big Lunch is cleared away. As Christians we want to be at the centre of our communities, sharing the love of Christ by reaching out to those around us.


  • 9 June  -  The Queen's Birthday.  On this day the Queen, a committed Christian, typically honours people for achievements like making a difference to their community or field of work, enhancing Britain’s reputation, long-term voluntary service, innovation and entrepreneurship, and displaying moral courage. Many of these people are older and whilst only a few receive medals, many ordinary men and women in our communities have made equally important contributions. 

We plan to hold events in our Residential Homes and Retirement Schemes throughout the week to provide opportunities for celebration and fellowship. 

Details of events will be on our website and advertised locally as and when they are available.