Why we are here - fulfilled living

We help older people flourish as God intended - fulfilled living. It is not enough to provide secure, comfortable homes and professional care (though we excel in both those areas, too). Our Christian principles motivate us to help people in the later part of their lives to continue to contribute, grow and enjoy fulfilling lives.

The love and care I receive is second to none and my life has changed for the better since my arrival.

How we help the elderly 

We take Biblical truth, which teaches us love and compassion for our neighbours at every stage of life, and use it in practical ways of caring. This means we follow the examples of our Christian predecessors in cherishing the elderly, treating them as treasured human beings made in the image of God and capable of continuing their spiritual growth even as their body or mind may fail them.

What we do for older people 

We run care homes

Offering an environment in which elderly people are cared for, comfortable and secure is the foundation of what we do in our care homes. Our mission is then to ensure every older person can continue to thrive in their later years, whatever physical, emotional or mental challenges they may be facing.

We provide retirement housing

Our Retirement Homes offer safe Christian environments for independent living with the added security of 24-hour emergency support on-site. We believe older people deserve more, so by offering packages to lighten the burden of daily domestic tasks, we enable residents to focus on what is important to them to keep enjoying a full and fulfilled life.

We train and encourage people and churches to care for older people in the community

We believe that every Christian has a part to play in caring for older people in society. That’s why we take what we have learned about working with our ageing brothers and sisters to church congregations, conferences and beyond. Using our first hand experiences as a springboard, we are  able to guide and encourage people as they care at home or in the community helping older people flourish as God intended.

They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; They shall be full of sap and green. (Psalm 92)