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Pilgrim Homes

Care homes for older Christians.

This charity is an unincorporated charitable trust. Registered Charity number: 242266. It was set up by young Christians in 1807. The terms of its founding require residents to be Protestant Christians.

Pilgrim Havens

Christian Care homes for everyone.

This charity is registered in the UK as a company limited by guarantee (number 03027071) and a registered charity number 1045920. It was set up in order to extend the high quality of Christian care offered by PFS to people of all faiths and none.

Who we are

Founded in 1807 as “The Aged Pilgrims’ Friend Society” and originally set-up to provide grants and pensions to needy elderly Christians, our ministry has grown so that we now have 16 schemes throughout England, providing a range of services for older people, from sheltered housing through to nursing and dementia care, retirement living as well as home-leave accommodation for missionary families.

We also provide other resources to Christians, including a range of books and other publications, conference seminars and our own conferences each year.

The Pilgrims’ Friend Society group charity now incorporates Pilgrim Homes and six other, smaller charities.

All our schemes are well-known for their Christian character, and all are managed on Christian principles.

The 11 schemes in the “Pilgrim Homes” part of the group are provided for older Christians only. However, “Pilgrim Havens” is a separate division of 5 schemes within the wider group set up to provide for everyone sympathetic to our Christian ethos. The Redbourn Missionary Trust additionally has accommodation for missionaries on “home leave” or in retirement.

The umbrella organisation is Pilgrims’ Friend Society:

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We have three divisions:

Pilgrim Homes

Care homes for Christians


Pilgrims Havens

Christian care homes for everyone

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Christians for Older People

Raising a voice in the wider culture about issues of ageing, the elderly and working together through all generations

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