Fulfilled living in later life
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There are eight foundational principles to our bespoke Christian approach to care, The Way We Care

Every person is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

We don’t just provide physical care but we support the whole person, especially spiritually. This means that every life story and journey of faith is important to us, and that those who live with us can share how they’re feeling, what they’ve learnt recently, how their family are, and what their hopes for tomorrow are.

People are made for community.

We cherish older people like family does. This means that every person who lives with us is a member of our family and that whether they’re having a good day or a bad day, the family around them is there for them.

Every person has a unique role to play in life.

Older people can contribute to life in their home, continuing their personal growth and inspiring others. This means that skills, gift, talents, and hobbies can be used with us, and those who live with us can take any opportunity they get to share something they’re good at or passionate about. We’ll celebrate with them as they grow new skills, and they’ll celebrate with others as they do the same.

All families are made up of different people with different skills and abilities.

Those who live with us can serve and support those who are part of life in the home, whether that’s by being an encourager, a blessing or a prayer support to the staff team. Or making them a cup of tea!

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Building and growing relationships are an important part of life.

We spend time together. Those who live with us are cherished and are always invited to take part in the things that we do together. There’s only one of them, and we love to have them around.

Every person’s opinion about what happens to them is valid.

Care is a collaboration between the able and the less able. We “care with” those who live with us, and they can rely on us to help them out as and when they need it. Older people have cared for themselves their whole life, which means they know what they need. They can always let us know how we can help them out and we’ll be there to support and care for them.

Every person’s role is important, regardless of their capability.

People living with dementia have a part to play in our family. Those living with dementia are a whole person, not just the illness, and every day is an opportunity for them to flourish. Their voice and presence is an essential part of life in our homes, and we’ll make moments each day for them to share with us about their life, loves, passions, and faith.

Find out more about our approach to dementia care.

Every person has been lovingly and uniquely created.

Older people are of intrinsic value and are precious. They may be a bit older, but their value is the same as always. We’ll see the priceless, unique and individual person every day.

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