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For more than 200 years Pilgrims' Friend Society has relied on prayer for everything that we need, and time and time again, the Lord has answered our prayers and has kept us bearing fruit in and out of season.

Our founders not only sought to raise funds to help the poor, they also petitioned Christians to pray for their ministry. To this day we have daily devotions in all our homes and at our Support Office, praying to God for all that we need, and thanking Him for His continued goodness to us. So we really do value your prayers.

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We'd love to know how you're praying for Pilgrims' Friend Society. Could you share a prayer on our Prayer Wall? As well as sharing your prayer, why not take a moment to echo the prayers that others have posted too?

You who are all compassion know the needs of each one of us. I pray that in your compassionate wisdom you guide our leaders through the General Election so that they acknowledge the need to improve social care in this country and bring about real change for older people and those who are commited to caring for them.Help us to make that change become a reality dear Lord.Amen
Sarah - Buxton
Overflowing with thanks I am for this opportunity to join in adding prayer with your household Father Lord Jesus Christ God In Heaven, I also find it encouraging to have/add Pilgrims' Friend Society to my prayers. I'd like to give thanks also that you Father Lord Jesus Christ God in heaven grace us with all roads to have you be it narrowly. I'd also like to bring to the Pilgrims' friend society's contemplations/meditations here through this marvellous method of yours Father Lord Jesus Christ God in Heaven that we/they note Psalm 43:3 - Amen.
Stuart - Birmingham UK
Father in the name of Jesus, we give thanks to you for Homesdale, wanstead, and your Saints who have made this Home their covering. We give thanks to you for all you have prepared for us in our twilight years, for every person in this home, and those who look after their well being. You have considered your children's need according to your riches in Glory. Your word say in Isaiah 46:4 "Even to your old age, I am He, and even to hoar hairs will I carry you, I have made, and I will bear, even I will carry, and will deliver you. To you be the Glory the honour and praise. To you O Lord be all the Praises and thanks. We submit this prayer in Jesus Name, and in the Power of Holy Spirit. AMEN.
Joan Stanley - Leytonstone
Dear Heavenly Father, it’s such joy that we can all pray together. Thank you for having PFS, where our elders be cared for. Thank you PFS continues to grow and share your good work. May your good news be shared with everyone, that hearts be touched, lives be changed, joy be shared. I pray for all work at PFG to continue to grow and uphold the PFS values and bring the glory to you. You are our light and I pray that we learn from you and be the light to others, in Jesus' name, Amen
Ecar - Northfleet
For we see Jesus enthroned on high. Father than you for Jesus enthroned on high and present with us in our lives. Please help staff and family members in PFS see Jesus in each other and come to know Jesus better for themselves
Stephen - London
Lord of compassion and kindness walk with all who care for the families in the Pilgrims Friend homes, strengthen their committment to give of their best as they work and serve in your Holy name, and may those who receive their loving care give them thanks, for all love comes from you, our living and loving Christ. Amen.
Sarah - Buxton
Please pray for all affected by the floods this week in the UK, especially in Scotland. Pray for the vulnerable in this stormy time, that they would get the care they need and reach out to their Heavenly Father.
Jenny - London
Please praise God for abundantly providing for us, as we are in this season of harvest.
Jenny -
May all who work for Pilgrims Friend Society know your love Lord. May all who receive the care given feel that love Lord. May each and every one acknowledge and share that love Lord, and in giving thanks for such a wonderful gift from you Lord, continue to receive it. Amen.
Sarah - Buxton
Almighty God should lay His perfect hands on those that are passing through one pain or the other in Jesus name, amen
Roseline - Newport, Wales
Guide me O thou great Jehovah while I travel onwards towards your plans for me & for all of us.
Fiona -
I pray for every resident and staff in your homes, may they get saved, see Jesus and gain Heaven at last in Jesus name.
Omowumi - Oxford
Thank you, Father, for the fellowship we experience as the family of God with others working within Pilgrims' Friend Society. Thank you for equipping each one of us with exactly the attributes and skills we need for the roles you have planned for us, even before we were born. Thank you for the encouragement that we give one another. Holy Father, may we see this strengthened within the Society and as we reach out to others in churches and faith groups to share our knowledge and experience. Amen.
Louise - Cwmbran
Dear Heavenly Father I pray for a greater understanding among the young of the needs of older people and the realization that there is such a wealth of experience and knowledge available from older people available to help younger people in their own lives.
Heavenly Father, may each Care Home be a haven of peace; a place where friendship and fellowship develop. So may Jesus Name and God's Kingdom be know and shared. Amen
Margaret - Beckenham in Kent
Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much that you have created according to your Own Image. Thank you Lord that you have shown your love to us as human beings the fact that You gave Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for us on the Cross of Calvary bible verse John3 verse 16. Thank you so much my God that our names as born again Christians young or old are written down in the Lambs book of life in Heaven thank You so much my God for Your Unending and Unfailing Love thank You so much in Jesus Mighty Name. From Primrose
Primrose - West Worthing
Heavenly Father Thank you for those who have a passion and love for older people. Thank you for encouraging us when we hear people praying in faith for Christian homes to be in their area; here in North Wales. Thank you for the opportunities you provide to engage across the generations, whether it be in church, or in our local care homes. May we see friendships strengthened across all ages. Amen
Barbara - Caernarfon
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that in Christ we are all one whether young or old. Thank you for those that are are actively showing that today by caring for those more vulnerable than them whether younger or older. Please would these people know success in their work today so that your love and glory may be seen and enjoyed by many. In Jesus name Amen
Josh - London
Dear Father Psalm 31 tells us that "our times are in your hands". Thank you for the long time that you have given to older Christians and I thank you for how I have been encouraged by experiences of your love at work in hard times shared with me. Thank you too for the shorter times that you have given to younger people and for their energy and vigour that spurs me on! But most of all, with so much going on around us I thank you that our times are in your hands, hands that created this world and loved it so much that you sent Jesus our saviour. Amen T
Stephen - London
Father God Thank you for all the opportunities to hear the Christian wisdom of our older church members. May it be that younger people realise the wealth of gifts that are available to them to encourage them as young people in their journey of faith.
Susan - Tunbridge Wells
Please encourage generations to communicate and have fellowship and friendships daily, instead of just on Sundays at church or for particular reasons such as the Jubilee. I pray that the community spirit felt recently is upheld and continued for all!
Emily - London
Dear Lord, please help us to be good children to our parents and good parents to our children, honouring you in all we do. Please help our young people to see the value and joy in spending time with the older generation and please help us in dispelling myths about stereotypes in all generations as you have made us in your image.
Fred - Bath
Please restore the balance of our culture, Lord, so that people of all ages may enjoy each other and share the experiences and gifts You give.
Louise - Cwmbran, Torfaen
I pray that the older generations will have opportunities to share knowledge and wisdom. That the younger generation will be able to share fun and fellowship and that all will live together in unity.
Vicki - Wakefield
God, please bless our friendships between old and young so that we can share your goodness with one another.
Alexandra - Bromley
I am praying more older and younger people would meet after or before church for Sunday lunch.
Helen - London

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