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Christmas Appeal
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South Coast Project

Phase two of the Renewal Programme will take place on the South Coast of England. Plans to develop a new home in the region are underway, with a suitable location being sought.

The new home will be led by Pilgrims’ Friend Society and supported by Koinonia Christian Care who also delivering Christian care for older people in the region. The new home is expected to open by the end of 2023.

In the new home, every person who makes their home with us will enjoy high-quality care, tailored to their unique needs and preferences, including those living with dementia. Each private room will have an en-suite and will give access to communal spaces. There will also be specially designed gardens and outdoor spaces for family and friends to enjoy when they visit.

The special “household model” will mean that those living in the homes will not only have their own private space, but also be part of a small, friendly, caring community. Living in the households will feel very much like living in a typical family home, with close access to the usual touches of home such as living and dining spaces. The care teams will be committed to a single household, allowing for a friendly and familiar atmosphere, and helping to reduce the likelihood of infections across the whole home.

Explore Middlefields House, the first new care home in the Renewal Programme.

As part of the Pilgrims’ Friend Society family of care homes and independent living housing schemes, the new homes will be rooted in the Christian faith, with daily times of prayer or devotions, and regular activities including services and singing. Many of the staff at the home will share the Christian faith, and fellowship and family will flow through the atmosphere of the home. This means that those who have followed the Christian faith throughout their lives, and those who are sympathetic to the faith, will have opportunities to practise their faith, both individually and as part of a Christian community as they choose.