Fulfilled living in later life
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The Way We Care

The Way We Care is our bespoke Christian approach to caring for older people in communities where they can flourish in their later years, especially as their physical needs increase.

We are committed to seeing the whole person – the history, the experiences, the joys and the sorrows of life, and to knowing who the important people are who make up the bundle of each person’s living.

The Way We Care is grounded in our Christian faith and draws inspiration from the Bible. Every part of what The Way We Care looks like in the daily lives of our care homes is rooted in how the Bible tells us to treat and support others around us.

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Those who live with us, their relatives and our staff share what The Way We Care looks like day-to-day.

Caring for those with dementia

Our The Way We Care Leads

Mark Hewett

Mark Hewett

The Way We Care Lead - Emmaus House, Harrogate

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After school Mark joined BT, spending 25 years doing a range of roles. Leaving BT, he established his own programme management consultancy spending five years serving differing industry sectors. He then led a church for 12 years. During 2022 he and his wife felt a sense they should be more involved in serving their local community. Whilst looking for a role for his wife, the The Way We Care Lead role at Emmaus House caught his eye - the fit seemed remarkable.

Mark says, "I enjoy the breadth of interaction with our family members, being part of the great team here at Emmaus and learning about dementia. Outside of work I enjoy DIY, walking in the Dales and travelling with my wife. I love food and cooking and enjoy being part of our local church family."

Krisztina Boros

Krisztina Boros

The Way We Care Lead - Milward House, Tunbridge Wells

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Born in Hungary, Krisztina ('Kriszti') graduated as an English and Hungarian teacher and worked in primary schools and secondary schools in Hungary. She has also spent time working as a receptionist on a river cruise boat and lived in Italy for six years where she met her husband. She and her family have lived in the UK for seven years. Before joining Milward House, Kriszti worked as a private carer and in a nursing home.

Kriszti says, “My late grandfather had dementia. I spent a lot of time with him, so I experienced firsthand how important it is for people who live with dementia to have someone who understands them and is kind to them. My grandfather was a Christian and his faith helped him a lot. He used to tell me that “God never gives up on us.” That was his hope.

“I love talking to the family members about their life stories and their faith. I can learn a lot from them. We make sure that those who live with us can take any opportunity to share something they are good at.”

Sonya Keating

Sonya Keating

The Way We Care Lead - Luff House, Walton-on-the-Naze

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On leaving school, Sonya took a computer-based role in an office. However, she felt this wasn’t for her and wanted to work with people not machines. She went to work as a carer for Scope and for one of the Leonard Cheshire homes.

After having children, she became as a history teacher and then worked as a senior education advisor for an electricity company. After being made redundant, she was looking for a new direction - something heartfelt.

Sonya says, “I just knew Luff House was the place for me. Both my grandmothers and my father had dementia and now my mother is living with dementia too, so this work is very close to my heart. I first joined the team as a Hummingbird and later became The Way We Care Lead.

“I feel excited in this new role. It gives me the chance to work closely with the whole team, to help bring positive change to the home, to ensure that we are together delivering the best care, providing a vibrant and happy home for all who live here, enabling them to flourish.”

Nicki Honey

Nicki Honey

The Way We Care Lead - Bethany Christian Home, Plymouth

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After working in children’s services for over 20 years Nicki decided she wanted to try something completely different and applied to be a carer at Bethany Christian Home. She loved the change in pace and became a senior care not long after.

Nicki says, “When the position for The Way We Care Lead became available I was very excited to be a part of something that would change the way we care for others. I love talking to family members about their lives and hearing their stories and speaking to relatives about their loved ones.”

Lux Maurice

Lux Maurice

The Way We Care Lead - Shottermill House, Haslemere

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Lux joined Shottermill House as a Senior Carer in 2019, having previously worked as a dementia lead in another care home where he trained under the NHS Dementia Champion programme. He has worked in the care sector for more than 15 years and is thrilled to now be working in a Christian setting where spiritual care is included in every person’s care plan. When the role of The Way We Care Lead was introduced across Pilgrims’ Friend Society’s homes, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. He is especially excited by the opportunities he has to train other staff in the GEMS approach to dementia care.

Lux says, “The Way We Care is a collective effort (it’s not The Way I Care) involving everyone across our home – managers, care staff, our ACE Facilitator, housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen staff. Together we ensure our family members feel safe and their care values are respected.”

Jenny Bright

Jenny Bright

The Way We Care Lead - Evington Home, Leicester

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Born in Surrey, Jenny grew up in the New Forest and studied at Winchester School of Art. She moved to Leicester in 1999 to work for a Christian mission that organises international prayer trips for students. In 2001 Jenny joined Evington Home to work as a carer, she did this for a year before a short-term placement in Jerusalem with CMJ.

Jenny settled in Leicester and started a family. She taught art and design for seven years at the local Christian school her children attended. Then last year, Jenny rejoined Evington Home as The Way We Care Lead.

Jenny says, “I am passionate about serving those entrusted into our care. I enjoy the profound privilege of bringing comfort and reassurance to our family members, especially those living with dementia. There is such fulfilment in knowing what I do really counts in the grand picture of our humanity. During His time on earth Jesus ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of others - what an example for us to follow as we imitate Him. Outside of work I enjoy classical music, gardening and being with my children.”