Welcome to Middlefields House

Welcome to Middlefields House, a brand-new state of the art residential care home opening in 2021 that will provide high quality, personalised care for 48 residents aged 65 and over, including those with dementia.

The new home will be made up of four households of 12 residents with communal spaces and beautiful gardens to help ensure that residents are able to live fulfilled life in their later years.

Find out more about Middlefields House, how you can pray for the project or how you can give towards the new building.

Middlefields House is just the beginning of the Pilgrims' Friend Society Renewal Programme which will see six new care homes built over the next 10 years.

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A bequest to our Renewal Programme is a wonderful way to benefit older people at the point in their lives when they most need help. A legacy is a way of continuing to support Pilgrims’ Friend Society that could fund items of equipment for a new care home, all that is needed to fit-out a room or a household, or even to fund an entire home.

Our Renewal Programme is a multi-year plan that will see us build six new care homes, with Chippenham being the first of these. Legacies can play an important part in meeting the long-term financial needs of the programme.

We understand that this is a big and very personal decision. You are completely in control of how much you choose to give. Whatever the size of your gift and whether a fixed percentage of your estate or a monetary gift, your decision will make a huge difference to the older people that we care for in the future. 

For more information and a conversation about what this means for you, please contact Stephen Hammersley, Chief Executive by email at [email protected]