28th November 2017 - PFS Board approves the planned purchase of the Middlefields site

The PFS Board approved the purchase of a 1.45 acre site to build the new Chippenham care home. The site is an ideal location for such a development, being a level piece of ground that is roughly square in shape and situated in a quiet residential location with good transport links.

16th April 2018 - Our offer to purchase the site accepted by Wiltshire Council

At a cabinet meeting of Wiltshire Council held in Salisbury, the offer made by PFS to purchase part of the site owned by the Council at Middlefields in Chippenham was accepted.

30th November 2018 - Public consultation meeting on the planning application

As part of the Planning Approval process, a public consultation event was held at Ladyfield Church, close to the Middlefields site. This was an opportunity for local people, particularly those living closest to the site, to view the plans and ask questions about the development.