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Friday 12th March 2021

Bring on the bunnies!

At a time when we’re all feeling short of a hug, Emmaus House, Harrogate had a brilliant idea – a visit from two adorable (and very snuggly) lionhead bunnies

Aged just seven weeks old, the two baby lionhead bunnies were an instant hit with family members at Emmaus House. As the name lionhead suggests, these rabbits have a circle of fur around their heads like a lion’s mane, making them extra specially snuggly.

The bunnies were brought in by Housekeeper Laura, who was inspired by seeing how much our family members had enjoyed a recent visit from Flye the sheepdog, who belongs to Administrator Sharon.

“When we took the bunnies into the lounge, everyone’s face lit up,” says Care Manager Chrissie. “Our family members loved holding them close, commenting on how tame and soft they were. One gentleman who has very advanced dementia had the longest cuddle – he was very content.”

The visit from the bunnies helped everyone get in step with springtime. It also prompted a walk down memory lane, with family members recalling cherished pets from over the years, not just rabbits but cats and dogs, too.

Staff made sure to take the bunnies round to those in their rooms, meaning no-one missed out on a cuddle.

For Catering Manager Jo, the bunnies proved entirely irresistible. So much so that she decided give them a forever home. They've have now moved in with her and acquired names - Yogi and Boo boo.

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