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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Craft a Christmas wreath

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This Christmas wreath idea from Luff House, Walton-on-the Naze, makes a lovely festive symbol of togetherness

This crafty idea provides an ingenious way to ‘hold hands’. It could be fun to make with those you live with, or maybe even with members of your church family or others who live in your street.

Thank you to Faye, Activities Co-ordinator at Luff House, for sharing this idea, and the family members at Luff House for showing us how it’s done.

"I like that we're all holding hands. It makes it special, it’s lovely." - Kitty, 96

What you need:

- Some thick paper or card in Christmassy colours
- A cardboard ring shape for the base
- Glue and scissors
- A pencil or pen
- Stickers/glitter to decorate
- A ribbon (to hang)
- Some willing participants

What to do:
- Draw around everyone’s hands – or they can do it themselves
- Cut out the hands and stick onto the base so they overlap
- Decorate and hang

Everyone can get involved… Luff’s wreath includes the outline a paw from Fred, a rescue cat who lives at the home. Ivy, 93, said, “Oh, we have to include Fred! He is a special part of our family.” All the family members love seeing him around and giving him a stroke, and he is often found snuggled up on Ivy’s bed. Fred’s paw is hiding near the bottom of the wreath. Can you spot it?
We’d love to see pictures of your wreaths. Please send them to:

Read more about Fred and how he came to live at Luff House