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Thursday 14th January 2021

Our gift to help bring you together this season

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The seasonal song, ‘Driving home for Christmas’ may have a hollow ring about it this year. England is in four weeks of lockdown, Wales is due to emerge from a ‘fire-break’ so strict that the sale of ‘non-essential’ goods were banned, the chancellor has extended the furlough scheme until March 2021, and no-one can predict with any certainty whether families will be able to drive across country to spend it together.

Our gift is a special Christmas session of our Brain & Soul Boosting for Seniors which can be downloaded and printed off, free of charge, from our website. It’s something that families and friends can do together at home, or over the telephone or via Skype or Zoom.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he hopes people will be able to celebrate ‘as normal a Christmas as possible.’ Traditionally, ‘normal’ includes carols, church, fellowship, spending time together and giving each other gifts. ‘Christmas at Home’ looks at the Christmas story and what it means to us as individuals, with questions to prompt insight and conversation, and there are activities that everyone will enjoy. It’s designed to stimulate our brains, warm our hearts, and bring us into the Spirit of Christmas.

The Brain and Soul Boosting for Seniors series was developed to stimulate mental and spiritual health in older people meeting in small groups. It has been used by churches, faith groups, home groups and by some hospital chaplains.

We’ve also produced a session to celebrate the New Year together. ‘At Home for the New Year’ follows the same format and looks at God’s faithfulness through all our years and our hopes for the year ahead of us. There’s a spiritual boost in thinking of the New Year and God’s plans for us, and all His creation. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are His masterpiece!

We would love to hear how these special sessions contributed to your celebrations this year!