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Monday 21st September 2020

Rachel celebrates 25 years at Finborough Court

Rachel Fishburne, our Registered Care Manager at Finborough Court, shares why she has loved being part of the family for 25 years (and counting!)

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I first started working in care in 1993 after I had my two girls. I was doing nights in a local care home – it was hard work but it was a nice team. During that time, I did my NVQ in Health and Social Care.

I came to Finborough Court in 1995 following the birth of my son. In the 25 years I’ve been here I’ve got to know so many lovely older people. I’ve cared for my Nana and one of my uncles here, but really everyone who lives with us is family. They are all God’s children and have lived such long and interesting lives – some of them have worked abroad as missionaries, for example, and some of them have been over a hundred.

I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from having made a difference to somebody’s day. I’ve done lots of different roles in my time at Finborough Court – day carer, night carer, kitchen assistant, senior team positions, and now manager. In all these roles, it’s the desire to help other people that has driven me, and makes each role so rewarding.

Finborough Court has such a warm and peaceful atmosphere – you can sense it as soon as you step through the door. It’s a home from home where everyone feels part of the family, from the residents to the members of our staff team.

I’ve learnt so much during my time here, especially about caring for those with dementia. As part of our care team at Finborough Court, we’re lucky to have Hummingbirds whose role it is to ensure all our residents receive quality one-to-one time throughout the day. They will spend time chatting to our family members, and will lead short devotionals and read the Bible and pray with residents. Their impact on life here is invaluable. Our family members know there is someone who is a sympathetic listening ear – they can get things off their chest without feeling hurried.

One of the lovely things about working in a Christian care home is knowing that those living with us are praying for us. They often ask me how they can be praying, and this has been especially supportive during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve felt like we’ve been under a big umbrella of God’s protection. We’ve drawn strength from not just residents but also local churches and the wider team at Pilgrims’ Friend Society uplifting us in prayer.

One lady who lives with us used to be the care manager at the old Ormonde Christian Home in Ipswich.She is always asking if there’s something she can do to help and or pray for. She is a great support.

This year has been hard but we’ve all pulled together as a family. Throughout the pandemic, it has been hugely encouraging to be able to remind each other that God is in control.

To anyone considering a role in care, I’d say ‘go for it’. There are so many opportunities – lots of carers go on to do nursing, or like me, move up the ladder into management. Working in a home like Finborough Court is extremely rewarding.

How you can be praying for Finborough Court:

- Thank God that our staff team is full,
- Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as we seek to fill our available rooms, that He would bring the right people to join our family,
- For protection for our family members and staff team as we facilitate garden and window visits,
- For the relatives of those living here who’ve had to choose just one relative who can visit.

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