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Friday 19th March 2021

A Mother's Day visit for 99-year-old Mollie

Following the new guidelines our homes are starting to welcome in close contact visitors, to the delight of many including this mother and daughter

We couldn't resist showing you not just one but a trio of photos of this special Mother's Day visit. Mollie Broomhall is 99-year-old and lives at Evington Home in Leicester. Daughter Ros was able to see her on Mother's Day and give her some treats.

New Government guidance introduced on 8th March means we've been able to welcome close contact visitors back into our homes. Every person living with us can have one named visitor. This person must test negative for Covid-19 and wear PPE while visiting.

As is clear from the smile on her face, the visit was very much enjoyed by Mollie. Ros said, "It was as if the last year hadn't happened. So happy!"

In the coming weeks, more of our homes will be welcoming in visitors, with staff teams working hard to make sure all the necessary safety measures are in place. We're grateful for your prayers that these arrangements would go smoothly.

Victoria Stone, our Coronavirus Lead, said, “We’re thrilled that our homes are beginning to welcome in close contact visits. We know how important these visits are for the well-being of our residents and our staff are doing their utmost to make them possible.”

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