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Six Key Steps to Making a Dementia Inclusive Church

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For the first time in history, Britain's over-65s now outnumber those under the age of 16. This demographic is reflected in our churches, bringing both blessings and challenges. Old age is part of God’s life design, intended as a time of blessing (2 Timothy 1:7) for the person and for the church (Job 12:12, Proverbs 23:22-23). But it can also be a time of physical frailty, including dementia, which is largely a disease of old age. Spiritual support, and encouraging individuals’ relationship with Jesus improves their well-being, and the families who are caring for them.

Dementia Inclusive Church distils the experience of fellowships that have stepped up to the plate, and are meeting the challenge. It describes six key steps that enable a church to be truly relevant for people with dementia and their families, and how it works best when it is intentional, with dedicated leaders.

Six Key Steps to Making a Dementia Inclusive Church


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This was very useful, thank you. We have one or two members with dementia and this will help other church members to understand how to be respectful of them.

Geoff (Winchester)

Such a helpful booklet; clear, thoughtful and scriptural.

Elizabeth ()

Clear, informative, helpful in moving from willingness to do something forward to looking at possible specific action. Shared copies with our pastoral team, who took them away to read more. Modest in both quantity to take in and price makes is very accessible.

Judith (Cambridgeshire)