At Pilgrims' Friend Society we help older people flourish as God intended and to lived fulfilled lives in older age. We believe that as well as providing secure, comfortable homes and professional care, older people should be supported and encouraged to spend the later part of their lives contributing to the world around them, growing and enjoying fulfilling lives.

Inspired by our Christian faith, we are committed to love and have compassion for our neighbours at every stage of life. We follow the examples of our Christian predecessors in cherishing the elderly, treating them as treasured human beings made in the image of God, and capable of continuing their spiritual growth even as their body or mind may fail them.

What we do for older people 

We run care homes

We run nine care homes around the UK, providing environments in which elderly people are looked after, comfortable and secure. All of our homes are founded on our Christian faith and opportunities to continue to be part of a Christian community are a core part of the home that we provide.

We provide retirement housing

Our retirement homes offer safe Christian environments for independent living with the added security of 24-hour emergency support on-site. We believe older people deserve excellent care and support so by offering packages to lighten the burden of daily domestic tasks we enable residents to focus on what is important to them to keep enjoying a full and fulfilled life.

We train and encourage people and churches to care for older people in the community

We believe that every Christian has a part to play in caring for older people in society. That’s why we take what we have learned about working with our ageing brothers and sisters to church congregations, conferences and beyond. Using our first hand experiences as a springboard, we are  able to guide and encourage people as they care at home or in the community helping older people flourish as God intended.

We supporting those with dementia

Tony developed dementia, but getting a diagnosis took eight years. Sue was told that Tony only had three months to live and that she should find him a nursing home. Five years later, living in our Evington home, Tony had improved so much that Sue said people thought she was making the whole thing up.

A photo of Tony with his daughter Lucy at her wedding takes pride of place in his room, a vivid reminder of the beautiful occasion nobody thought he would have been able to attend. The staff at the home were determined to make it work, though. One came in early that day to fix the buttons on Tony’s shirt, and the smiles on his and Lucy’s faces in the picture show how much it meant. Nothing is too much for the staff, says Tony. “They go out of their way to help.”

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Supporting whole families

Love and compassion are at the heart of the support we offer in our homes to the people who live with us and those who care about them. By taking care of routine daily tasks, we are able to leave space for friends and relatives to concentrate on visiting: praying and providing expressions of love that can feel squeezed out by the rush of the day.

“I want to say a very grateful thank you to you all," said one relative. "You have been amazing in the loving care and compassion you showed, not just to my aunt but also to me. You are very, very special and while I do not have the words to truly express my feelings of gratitude, please believe that I am very thankful and grateful to have met such caring individuals.”

We reach further through our volunteers

As well as raising some of the finances we need , our home visitors, friends and auxiliaries also make that money go much further through their volunteering. Residents’ days are visibly brightened by the much-needed comfort supplied by visits, as well as by the regular acts of worship that help our beneficiaries celebrate their faith to the full. Find out how you can Make a Difference as a volunteer.