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Louise Morse

Opinion, expertise, and training from Louise Morse

Louise Morse is a trained Cognitive Behaviour Therapist with expertise on issues facing older people, including dementia. She works collaboratively and is part of an informal network of experts on issues of old age and dementia. Louise writes and speaks for Pilgrims' Friend Society at events and to the media. She also produces invaluable resources for those looking for guidance and support as they navigate growing older or serving older people in their community.

"My aim is to help everyone live their lives to the full, whatever their temperament and circumstances. Through my writing and talks my greatest joy is seeing people feel better equipped and encouraged in their journey - their blessing is my blessing!" - Louise Morse

Louise Morse
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Books and Resources

Louise Morse has written several resources to guide and support those navigating issues relating to older age and dementia.

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Events and training

Louise is available to speak at events and offers regular training sessions on Zoom. For details of Louise's latest regular event, see below. If you would like to book Louise for a bespoke Zoom training session or an in-person event, for example a training session at a church, please email louise.morse@pilgrimsfriend.org.uk

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