Buy or download our new booklet, Coping with Grief and Loss: Practical and Spiritual Stepping Stones to Healing.

Across the world, 2020 has seen a tsuanami of grief. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc with our lives and has caused more than half a million deaths globally.

Our new booklet, Coping with Grief and Loss by Louise Morse, offers us an opportunity to reflect on grief, understand it better and find ways to live through it.

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Louise says:

"Sometimes grief is so intense, with such strange and unexpected symptoms that it makes us feel different to everyone else around us. Having the right information tells us that our reactions are normal. We need to acknowledge, too, that other deep losses cause sorrow and loss, as well as bereavement. 

Although each case is different, we learn from other people’s experiences. We gain hope from their stories."

Written within a Christian context, Coping with Grief and Loss looks at the impact of grief and loss and explores key stepping stones to help the reader navigate the tricky waters of bereavement. It also unpacks the unique grief experience of caring for someone living with dementia. 

This deals with the emotional and spiritual impacts of bereavement in a way that will help many people. 

- Rev Roger Hitchings

You can buy Coping with Grief and Loss from our Resources section or download a copy for free.

Louise Morse is External Media Relations Manager at Pilgrims' Friend Society and is a trained Christian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy counsellor.