Rooted in the Christian faith, we help our residents to live fulfilled lives in their later years.

We provide excellent, personalised care which supports our residents to flourish in older age. We create communities where Christian worship, prayer and support are a core part of daily life. Some of our homes are only available to protestant Christians who have a personal testimony consistent with our basis of faith, others are open to people who are sympathetic to the Christian faith - but to be "at home" with us you will want to be in a place where Christian worship and support are at the heart daily living.

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Tailored for you

If you are interested in making your home with us we will listen to what you and your advocates (usually family or friends) share with us about your past, present and future hopes and expectations. We will set these out and how we are able to work with you in the form of a care plan.   

Once you have made a decision to live with us, we will keep on talking to you about how you can contribute to your community, your care, social interests, hobbies and spiritual and cultural needs and we will make sure that we keep your individually tailored care plan up to date.

We will help you register with a GP of your choice and have access to other services such as hairdressing or chiropody.  We will also be able to help make introductions to local churches.

Family and friends

Being at home with us means having space for you to enjoy quality time with friends and family when they visit. To this end, we seek to provide private family areas although how we do this will vary from location to location as our premises allow. Keeping relationships strong and active is hugely important, so with your permission, we will share information with your family about how you are doing.

We will encourage you and your family to advance plan for your future care, including at the end of this life.

Christian care

Not only do our homes and housing schemes support your care needs, but we also know the importance of supporting your spiritual needs too. Our care includes making sure that you have opportunities to keep growing in your personal faith each day. We offer a daily time of collective worship and we will make available to you approved church volunteers who, at your invitation, will visit to provide fellowship, prayer and Bible readings.

We also maintain strong links with local churches and we encourage visits from church ministers and others in the community. We will help you contribute to the life of your church through prayer and information even when it is no longer possible to attend services.

Fulfilled living in later life

At Pilgrims' Friend Society we know that older people can live very fulfilling lives in their later years. 

We aim to provide a home filled with friends and trusted, kind staff who will help you to keep flourishing in later life. We will respect the wishes of those who want privacy, rest and quiet, but we also provide opportunities for you if you want to enjoy activities that nurture your mind, body, spirit and soul. We want you to thrive in the way that suits you. We will provide nutritious and tasty food, whenever possible, when you want to eat.

Our staff colleagues think of themselves as members of the "family" of residents in our home communities and they are trained in helping you live with the good and bad days that go hand-in-hand with increasing dependency. All of our staff teams are led by committed Christians who understand the importance of Christian care.

Safety and comfort

It is important that you feel safe and protected, so our homes are designed to mean you never need to worry about security. We have call systems and securely monitored access systems throughout our buildings, public areas with rest stops and conversation areas, and rails where needed. Our buildings vary, but we do our best to provide rooms of a good size, with en-suite facilities wherever possible, and public areas that are homely and well decorated.

Paying for your care 

Our fees and charges are open and transparent and will be notified to you prior to admission and well in advance of any increase during your stay with us.  

Everyone living with us will have an agreed contract. It includes details of the accommodation and the services we offer, as well as the fees, which are payable by direct debit. The current fees' scale is available from the home manager. If you cannot pay the fees, you can apply for funding to the Social Services of your Local Authority, and we can give advice and help about this.

Openness  and transparency

On occasions things may go wrong, and we may fall short in delivering aspects of our promises. When this happens we will tell you, we will apologise and we will remedy what went wrong.

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