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Friday 1st January 2021

A Day in the Life of... Rosie Eames, Shottermill House

Rosie Eames is a Carer at Shottermill House, Haslemere. We found out about a typical day in her life

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For Rosie, caring is a humbling experience and her Christian faith is the inspiration behind her daily work. “Like Christ when He washed the feet of his disciples! I love every minute of it,” she says.

Rosie begins her mornings with a gentle wander to work through the picturesque South Downs, where our home Shottermill House is located in the quaint Surrey town of Haslemere.

The Senior Clinical Lead hands over from the night shift, running through every family member, highlighting key updates to the immediate welfare of residents, and how things may have altered over the previous 12 hours. Rosie is assigned her family members and ensures she is fully equipped to give the best possible care to each individual for the day ahead.

The daily devotional and Bible passage are shared in the lounge with tea and coffee in the late morning. At this point Rosie will make sure her paperwork is up-to-date and documented thoroughly.

Lunch is served in the dining room. Either staff or family members will say grace. Rosie often sits with family members to ensure they are enjoying their meals comfortably and safely.

after lunch
Rosie’s favourite time of the day is the afternoon, when she opens the French doors and assists family members outside to enjoy the lovely garden. For Rosie, this time offers a great opportunity as a Carer to get to know the family members.

There is always a buzz of activity in the afternoon, whether that be gentle exercise, flower-arranging, or a visitor. Whilst Activity Coordinator Beverly leads, Rosie is always close by to help with requests, ensuring everyone is happy and has everything they need to relax.

Rosie loves celebrating family members’ and colleagues’ birthdays, as the talented chef, Jo, always makes delicious cakes to enjoy with their afternoon tea.

Celebrations and activities finish just before supper at 5pm. Rosie helps everyone move to their rooms or the dining room. This is where she makes sure her family members enjoy their meal, working with catering to ensure dietary requirements are managed. The meal is led by grace, either said by staff or a family member.

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When Rosie works a longer shift, she serves the evening round of Horlicks, before helping family members get ready for bed. As many wake at 5am, they settle to sleep earlier in the evening. Writing her daily progress notes is essential. She writes a full summary of how her assigned family members’ day. This important information includes mood, mobility and personal care given. This helps night staff if anyone is unsettled at night. There is great camaraderie among the team, a workplace which Rosie shares with her daughter, Emily, who has been at Shottermill for six years. When challenges arise – whether a family member is struggling to sleep, or someone is unwell – everyone pitches in with a person-centred approach to caring to ensure any issues are swiftly resolved.

With the end of each day comes a sense of great reward. Rosie regularly takes her dog for a walk among the sprawling green hills of the South Downs, taking the opportunity to clear her head and reset. She also takes the chance to reflect, rejoicing in the knowledge she has made the difference to someone’s day.

The feeling is certainly mutual, Rosie often receives thank you letters from grateful family members who recognise the blessing she is to them.