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Friday 1st December 2023

An update on The Pilgrimage

This fantastic fundraising opportunity was focussed directly on supporting the work of our team of Hummingbirds

In the Spring edition of our magazine, we launched our fundraiser to “step out on The Pilgrimage and step up support for dementia”. This fantastic fundraising opportunity was focussed directly on supporting the work of our team of Hummingbirds who are an integral part of The Way We Care, in particular how we look after people living with dementia.

Hummingbirds are employed with the sole purpose of spending time and connecting with people affected by dementia, providing a range of emotional, spiritual, and practical support.

You may be wondering why we chose The Pilgrimage to raise funds for our Hummingbird team; the answer is simple... of all the lifestyle changes that have been studied, taking regular physical exercise appears to be one of the best things we can do to reduce our risk of getting dementia.

The annual cost of delivering Hummingbird support to our family members is a massive £290,000.

Our target was to raise £10,000 towards this cost and I am delighted to confirm that to date we have achieved a stunning £7,960.38 and are still counting the donations as they roll in.

We are delighted to share just some of our supporter adventures with you.

Pilgrims Friend Milward House Sid cropped

Sid’s “Cycling Challenge”

In late July, Sid cycled 63 miles through the Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Starting off at Milward House in Tunbridge Wells, where he is Business Manager, Sid arrived at Shottermill House in Surrey some six hours later...!

Pilgrims Friend Stephen and Susan at Koinonia

Stephen and Susan’s “Pushbike Pilgrimage”

One Friday morning in May saw the end of the first leg of a cycling Pilgrimage between Shottermill House in Haselmere and Koinonia Christian Care Home in Worthing by Chief Executive of Pilgrims’ Friend Society Stephen and his wife Susan. They carried Christian greetings, messages and songs from one home to another, with a short devotional time in each home.

Pilgrims Friend Evington Indy

Indy’s “Initial 10K Run”

The first person to take part in The Pilgrimage was Indy, a self-professed non-runner, who clocked up an amazing 10k before you could blink – little does he know we have already signed him up for next year...!

Pilgrims Friend Alexandra IMG 8229

Alexandra’s “Adventure”

Alexandra went on a very long walk between some locations significant to our charity. The image on the far left shows her outside the original Pilgrims’ Friend Society alms houses which were built in 1834 at Sedgmoor Place, Camberwell, London. Established in 1807, back then, the organisation was known as the Aged Pilgrims’ Friend Society.

The last picture shows Alexandra wishing maps gave you an idea of the gradient you’re about to walk up!

Pilgrims Friend Jane Trimarco Swim

Jane’s “Channel Swim”

Jane has opted to swim the Channel for her Pilgrimage. With 64 lengths being the equivalent to one mile, Jane swam a stunning 1,312 lengths of her local pool. After an accident last year during which time Jane couldn’t swim for six months, she is overjoyed to be swimming once again and for such a great cause, the Hummingbirds. Jane says she loves to swim…it’s her piece of heaven!

Pilgrims Friend Barbara

Barbara’s “Beautiful Heritage Trail”

This might sound like a short stroll through the woods, but Barbara and a friend walked the 28-mile Mary Jones Trail in one day, a walk that takes most people three days to complete.

To find out more about the Mary Jones Trail, see here.

Cynthia DSC09970 1

Cynthia’s “75km Strava Walk”

Cynthia completed her challenge of walking 75km (47 miles) over 10 consecutive days on Sunday 3rd September. She said it was hard going, especially walking 15km (9.3miles) on a Bank Holiday.

Calling ALL Pilgrims…

We’re asking you, our wonderful supporters, to once again put on your walking boots, running shoes, swimming flippers, cycle shoes and step out to raise money for our Hummingbirds.

Whatever your route, your distance, or your destination, join us in The Pilgrimage in 2024 and help support the wonderful work of our Hummingbird team.

The Pilgrimage will be open again on Saturday 30th March through until 31 October 2024 so please join us in taking part.

To sign up and receive your pack, please email us at info@pilgrimsfriend.org.uk and add ‘The Pilgrimage 2024’ to the title of your email.

Pilgrims Friend Shottermill House Sid Bike

One man and his bike

As part of The Pilgrimage, Sid Martin cycled over 60 miles from Milward House in Tunbridge Wells, where he is Business Manager, to Shottermill House in Haslemere, raising over £1,000

Pilgrimsfriend Emmaus DSC05603

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