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Friday 15th May 2020

Benefits of letter writing during the Covid-19 lockdown

Writing letters has become a fantastic way to bring generations together and ease the sense of isolation

Bethany Christian Home, Plymouth has received a special delivery from Fletewood School. Usually the students visit weekly to sing or to do craft activities together but, as they are unable to visit in person, they have sent heart-warming handwritten letters.

Becoming pen pals with the students has helped reduce the residents’ feelings of loneliness and isolation as they shield from the community. During this unprecedented season letters have allowed young and old to continue sharing stories and skills, while maintaining a strong sense of togetherness.

The letters have been a great educational tool, helping students to develop their literacy skills and promote their social and emotional development through building relationships with older generations.

One student named Boris has become pen pals with resident Ron. They have been updating each other on what they have been up to while staying safe at home.

Hello Ron,

Hope you are well and safe! Thank you for my card and chocolate – it was really yummy! Mummy and Daddy are teaching me and Isaac (my older brother) schoolwork at home because of the coronavirus. I might become a YouTuber when I grow up. Where did you sail to when you were in the navy?

From Boris

Emma Hughes, Manager at Bethany Christian Home, said, “Receiving letters and gifts from Fletewood students has been a great blessing. We miss seeing the students in person but the letters have helped us maintain our sense of belonging within the Plymouth community.”

Rachel Gray, Headteacher at Fletewood School, said: As a Christian school, we feel it is part of our duty to show the love that God shows us, and one way of doing that is to reach out to people who can feel isolated. Staying in touch with the residents during the last month has helped the children to maintain their literacy skills and show some of the love that God shows us everyday.”

Residents and staff at Bethany Christian Home look forward to the day when they can meet with Fletewood pupils once more.

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