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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Cards of Kindness sent to Leonora Home

Cards of Kindness have been sent to Leonora Home, Chippenham, helping our residents keep in touch with the Chippenham community despite lockdown restrictions

The cards have brought feelings of joy, helping to promote good mental health by combatting any sense of isolation and loneliness during these times.

Some of the cards have been sent by children who would usually visit the home to sing and spend time chatting to residents. The cards brought back treasured memories and enabled those who live there to reminisce about the wonderful visits they had before lockdown.

One said, “Receiving letters from children who had made the thought and effort to contact us was a reminder that despite all the bad news going on, good things are still happening.”

Intergenerational projects bring so many benefits to the young and old, especially in the face of challenging circumstances which can make the community seem very distant.

If you would like to send your own Card of Kindness to Leonora please post them to Leonora Home.

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