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Thursday 14th January 2021

Christmas Memories - Pat and John


Pat and John, who live at Bethany Christian Home in Plymouth, share their Christmas memories

“The family sat around a coal fire which shed warmth and light over all the children playing with toys that Father Christmas had brought down the chimney. Mum made mince pies. When we woke up on Christmas morning there was the gorgeous smell of chicken wafting from the kitchen and reaching every nook of the house. Paper chains made by children were hanging everywhere. Grandparents visited and made a fuss of us. There was a feeling of warmth and love touching us all. Often a lonely aunt or neighbour would be invited to join us. Money was tight but no one was forgotten. Everyone received a small gift.” – Pat

Christmas Memories Pat and John 02

“Growing up in an old Georgian mansion, my sister and I shared a room in a wing on the top floor. One unforgettable Christmas Eve, tucked into our beds, we both urgently needed the toilet which was down a long spiral staircase, mostly in the dark. The problem confronting us was the fear of meeting Father Christmas on the stairs with our Christmas stockings. Solution? Stay where we were and wet our beds, which on the count of three we proceeded to do. Later, my older sister called our mother and confessed our ‘crime’. My poor mother, I will never forget her reaction, for we had wet our beds right through to the mattresses. However, by next morning – Christmas Day – all was forgiven, though never to be forgotten. Memories!”
– John

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